Hyderabad Floods Fundraiser

Hyderabad saw its biggest rainfall in a single day in 100 years. This has already been a strong monsoon season with many of the lakes and reservoirs already full, thereby causing a major flooding. Especially in the old city slums near Musi river, there has been devastation. Tens of thousands of homes have been flooded, about 50 lives lost and a hundred thousand without basic needs. We are looking at helping one area at a time and working with grassroots volunteers.

GPTA, TCAP, Chetana Foundation Portland and TDF Portland are working directly together with volunteers at the grassroots level to help the affected people. We need all of your support to help them in these times. Every small bit counts.

GPTA will match upto $2000 for all the donations received before Sunday. The need is immediate and we appreciate your timely support.

Immediate requirements:

  • Grocery Kit per family – $20 (100 kits needed)
  • Medical supplies - $10 Per person (100 people)
  • Sanitary supplies per person - $5 per person (200 girls)
  • You can donate directly by clicking the "Donate" button below. You can also donate through your company matching to help us support more families. Please send an email with your matching donation to gpta@gpta.info

    Your generous donation would be greatly appreciated. Your contributions may be eligible for tax-exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS. Please consult your accountant for your eligibility. The Employer Identification Number / Tax Id of GPTA is 93-1290156  

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