President's Message

A BIG "Thank you" for all the Committee Members, Volunteers, Participants and Sponsors for making our Ugadi Vedukalu 2018 a Great Success, and we look forward to seeing you all at GPTA Ugadi on April 6th2019 to have a wonderful time...! 

Srinivas Sanka - President

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  • GPTA Ugadi 2014

  • GPTA Ugadi 2014

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  • Hansini Ugadi Performance


2019 GPTA Executive and Working Committee

  • Srinivas Sankaaa


    Srinivas Sankaaa

  • Kishan Polavarapu

    Vice President

    Kishan Polavarapu

  • Chandrika Nimmagadda

    President Elect 2020

    Chandrika Nimmagadda

  • Nirupama Mantha


    Nirupama Mantha

  • Sirisha Malladi

    Cultural Secretary

    Sirisha Malladi

  • Sridhar Mahankali


    Sridhar Mahankali

  • Ratna Kishore Jupudi

    Media & Communications Secretary

    Ratna Kishore Jupudi

  • Anu Mallavarapu

    Working Committee

    Anu Mallavarapu

  • Ram Tadepalli

    Working Committee

    Ram Tadepalli

  • Chitra Balakrishnan

    Working Committee

    Chitra Balakrishnan

  • Padma Bhogavalli

    Working Committee

    Padma Bhogavalli

  • Supraja Samudrala

    Working Committee

    Supraja Samudrala

  • Suresh Bhupalam

    Working Committee

    Suresh Bhupalam

  • Madhurima Veejendla

    Working Committee

    Madhurima Veejendla

  • Rajasekhar Dokuparthi

    Working Committee

    Rajasekhar Dokuparthi

  • Murthy Sanka

    Working Committee

    Murthy Sanka

  • Prabhakar Marepalli

    Working Committee

    Prabhakar Marepalli

  • Ram Narisetty

    Working Committee

    Ram Narisetty

  • Sravya Vedala

    Working Committee

    Sravya Vedala

  • Vivek Ajjarapu

    Working Committee

    Vivek Ajjarapu

  • Sunil Swargam

    Working Committee

    Sunil Swargam

  • Sowmya Kanakamedala

    Working Committee

    Sowmya Kanakamedala

Board of Directors

  • Satish Balusa

    Satish Balusa

  • Venkateswara Rao Jujjuri(JV)

    Venkateswara Rao Jujjuri(JV)

  • Bhaskar Bandi

    Bhaskar Bandi

  • Surya Petluri

    Surya Petluri

  • Narendar Muduganti

    Narendar Muduganti

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