The 2024 Summer Hike Event is FREE for members who purchased their membership in the year 2024. However, you will need to pay a refundable spot reservation fee to allow us to get a good count for food and planning. This fee for members will be refunded upon your participation and after the hike event

It is mandatory for all the membership holders to reserve their spot. Parking fee for Members will be covered by GPTA (carpooling is highly recommended).

If you are a membership holder, please pay the spot reservation fee by following link below:

2024 GPTA Membership Holders
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2024 Summer Hike Tickets for Non-Members

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2024 GPTA Summer Hike Event. Please purchase your tickets using the options below.

Act fast due to limited availability. Please be aware that non-members will also have to pay a $5 parking fee per car to park (carpooling is highly recommended).

Thank you!